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True North Custom Media’s publications are distributed each month to more than 250,000 professionals within the residential and commercial building, medical, dental, real estate and restaurant industries. The magazines are read by hundreds of thousands more through pass-along readership. By targeting the most important local markets, our content underwriters and advertisers have the ability to reach, with pinpoint accuracy, an audience of sales prospects with millions of dollars in buying power.

Targeted Circulation

Localized and published in major markets throughout the United States and Canada, Builder+Architect readers are industry professionals who drive the high-volume economic growth of the residential building sector. Builder+Architect uses sophisticated technology and targeted industry databases to reach the most influential buyers in the industry, and maintains an up-to-date circulation list to achieve our rate base in each market.

magazine is distributed in each market at no cost to a highly targeted, local circulation of, industry professionals who are influential members of the residential building industry. Builder+Architect readers are specialists in their field with influential purchasing power.

The Power of Controlled Circulation

Targeted industry databases are the most valuable circulation resources for business-to-business marketers. They deliver a highly desirable group of industry buyers that marketers want to reach.

Here are a few of the significant benefits you receive from a controlled circulation strategy:

  • The level of reader qualification is considerably higher for a controlled circulation, custom business publication than it is for a consumer magazine.
  • The power of targeted readership allows you a more focused local channel so you reach high buying power readers in your local market.
  • You build a strategic bridge to influential members of your professional community, enabling you to reinforce the quality of your company and its products and services.
  • The distribution is pinpointed to key influencers, and it is maintained by industry, association and professional affiliation, guaranteeing active and involved readership for your market.
  • Delivers a frequent connection to decision makers in your industry and in your targeted geographic area.
  • Local distribution

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